Hi, I’m Lindsey.

Through crystal readings, intuitive guidance, and wisdom teachings, I help empower humans of all backgrounds to embody their best selves. With a lifelong passion for wellness, a Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins, and work within various traditions such as yoga, Reiki, Hermetic Science, aerial arts, and fitness, I blend knowledge of western science, anatomy, and eastern medicine with intuition and metaphysics.

My Philosophy

As humans, we are tremendously powerful and all have the right to optimal health and wholeness. In connecting with ourselves, Source, and one another more deeply, we become purified and optimal vessels through which life force and creative energy flow.  We are meant to embody our potential to infinitely create, play, serve, and learn.  Practices including yoga, breath work, sound healing, meditation, aerial arts, energetic balancing, intuitive development, and spiritual mentorship are effective tools for our transformation and evolution.

History of LNK

LNK Co. is my company.

Phase I (‘14-’15): In March ‘14 after six years experience in client services, marketing, and sales for ESPN, X Games, and X-POLE, I went free lance. Starting with what I knew, I offered consulting and marketing services to brands in the health, food, fashion, and fitness industries.

Phase II (‘16-’18): With a lifelong passion for health and empowerment, in ‘16 I began sharing my intuitive gifts and personal wellness practices with my business clients.  Adding the services of healing, reading, yoga, meditation, and pole allowed me to work with individuals and groups in addition to companies.

Phase III (current): I currently offer crystal readings, crystal workshops, crystals, e-courses, guided meditation, wisdom teachings, and launched The Cowfish Show!

Empowering Through Pole

With an extensive background in Pole Fitness (10+ years) and a desire to take the sport mainstream, I co-founded and produce PCS (Pole Championship Series), An Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes at The Arnold Sports Festival, the world’s largest international sports festival by Arnold Schwarzenegger and lead teacher trainings across the US as an XPERT Pole Master Trainer (‘12-present). As a poler since ‘08, pole presenter at major fitness events, and former X-POLE US Marketing Director (‘11-’14), I help develop and shape modern-day Pole Fitness .



reading • healing • writing • speaking • podcasting • emceeing • performing (pole) • teaching (yoga, pole, aerial) • guiding meditation • crystal therapy • crystal education • athletics • event production • event organization • athlete and talent management • community building • networking • people • client services • entrepreneurship • start ups • marketing • sales • creative direction • business development • food styling • snowboarding • scuba diving • Spanish

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