LNK is a unique consulting and wellness company that facilitates growth and development for companies and individuals. Business development and marketing consulting services assist companies in improving their product. Healing and wellness offerings (energy work, reading, yoga, meditation, and aerial instruction) help business owners and employees maintain top health and balance. 

With creative, multi-faceted approaches, LNK combines intuitive consultation with technical, detail-oriented skills and experience. This blend allows for comprehensive strategy in growth, development, and transformation in the personal and financial realms. After all, humans and their creations are multi-dimensional.


In March 2014 after six years experience in client services and marketing for ESPN, X Games, and X-POLE, Lindsey founded LNK Co..  Helping others grow is one of her passions so she began assisting clients at the company level by offering business development and marketing consulting services to brands in the health, food, fashion, and fitness industries.

With a lifelong passion for health, healing, and empowerment, in 2016 Lindsey started sharing her intuitive gifts and extending key wellness practices in her personal life with clients.  Adding the services of healing, reading, yoga, meditation, and pole allows Lindsey to work with individuals and groups in addition to companies.


Everyone has the right to optimal health and wholeness.  Practices including yoga, breath work, sound healing, meditation, aerial arts, energetic balancing, and intuitive development help people discover and strengthen their connection with themselves, one another, and a greater Source.  

Humans have tremendous power and in connecting with their higher selves, one another, and Source more deeply, they become purified and optimal vessels through which creativity flows.  Individuals are meant to embody their potential and travel their highest paths to infinitely create, play, serve, and learn.


Business Consulting

Business development and marketing consulting services build and grow your business in Mind (communication), Body (product), and Spirit (connection to a greater cause).

Personal Development

Intuitive readings, guided meditation, yoga to ground and root, aerial to uplift and rise, and energy healing balance, elevate, and open your Mind (mental health), Body (physical vessel), and Spirit (vitality and soul).  


My Story


I am Lindsey, a Hollywood Hills native, entrepreneur, consultant, reader, healer, teacher, yogi, and poler.  I offer business development, marketing consulting, reading, and healing, teach yoga, meditation, and pole, co-founded and produce PCS (Pole Championship Series), An Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes, and am a Master Trainer for the XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness Teacher Training Program.


At Harvard-Westlake High School, I had a strong passion for all subjects ranging from European Art History and Spanish to Biology and Calculus.  I loved drawing, painting, and playing sports (Varsity Soccer, Softball, and Gymnastics).

From '03-'06, I attended the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland earning ESPN/NCAA Academic All-American in Varsity soccer and a B.A. degree in Public Health with concentrations in Business and Italian.  Spending half a year in Florence, Italy, I studied Italian, art, and art history and traveled throughout Europe.  Living atop the Pyrenees mountains working on a French farm was life-changing as the work of Emerson, Thoreau, and Coelho came to life.


After college, I worked as a Compliance Analyst for Metropolitan West Asset Management (MWAM) a bond management firm in Westwood, California (now TCW).  I then spent a year with the JET Program teaching English to kindergarten, elementary, junior and high school students in Takko-Machi, a rural town of 7,000 people in northern Japan exploring most of the country in a year!

After returning to LA in '08, I worked with the Marketing and Sales team at ESPN, managing advertising campaigns on and mobile ('08-'10) and also worked in VIP hospitality and PR for X Games ('09-'13).

In '11, I commenced work in the pole fitness industry and in '14 launched LNK Co..


In '08, I began taking pole fitness at BeSpun and loved it!  One year later ('09) I started teaching and in '11 became the Marketing Director for X-POLE US, Worldwide Leader in Pole and Aerial Fitness ('11-'14).  In addition to instructing and performing, I am a Pole Presenter at fitness events such as TheFitExpo and SCW Mania and an ACE & AFAA certified Master Trainer for XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness (‘11-present), an internationally accredited pole and aerial training program. 

In '12, I co-founded PCS (Pole Championship Series), an Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes, with the goals of showcasing pole artists to a wider audience and taking the sport mainstream.  Since '14, PCS holds its annual PCS Championship, the Super Bowl of Pole, at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.  We have since expanded to South America, AustraliaSouth Africa, Asia, and Europe


I began practicing yoga in '03.  Over the past 15+ years, yoga has been that continuous thread harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.  I believe the practice to be healing and transformative on all levels.  I started Bikram in LA and continued with Hatha through college at Charm City Baltimore.  

Since then I have practiced at various studios throughout Los Angeles and in '13 found home at Hot8Yoga Beverly Hills receiving a 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher training certification (May '16).  I currently instruct at Hot8Yoga and Crunch Fitness LA and Burbank specializing in Yin, Power, and Vinyasa styles. 

Healing + Reading

I am a natural healer and intuit with formal training in Public Health, Reiki, crystals, and tarot.  Understanding the nature of healing, which is to make whole, I connect directly with Source embodying a vessel to facilitate healing, insight, and transformation.  

I offer guidance through readings and healing through intuitive energy work that combine a variety of modalities. Sessions help remove energetic blockages, open energy channels, promote healing, and aid in restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  


I enjoy snowboarding and the occasion to dive in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Tahiti, or Bali.  I love nature, adventure, travel, pilgrimages, and exploring the beautiful world.

School + Qualifications

  • Harvard-Westlake High School ('03) Cum Laude, AP Scholar with Honor, 4.4 GPA (weighted)

  • The Johns Hopkins University ('07) B.A. Public Health, Honor Roll, Academic All-American Varsity Soccer, 3.74 GPA

  • Reiki Master Practitioner ~ Attuned by Aimee Bello at Altared Space ('16-'17)

  • 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts Alumna ('15-'17) ~ Intuitive Development, Tarot, Crystals + Continuing Education (present)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher ~ 250+ Hour Yoga Alliance Recognized Teacher Training from Hot8Yoga ('16)

  • ACE & AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor ('14 - present)

  • XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness Master Trainer ('12 - present)

  • Work Experience: Metropolitan West Asset Management ('07), JET Japan Exchange and Teaching Program ('07-'08), ESPN ('08-'10), X Games (‘10-’14), X-POLE ('11-'14), LNK ('14-present)

Wellness Communities