Founder Profile


Lindsey Kimura, a Hollywood Hills native, is a healer, teacher, reader, yogi, pole dancer, and entrepreneur.  She conducts one-on-one energy healing sessions and spiritual readings, teaches yoga, meditation, and pole dance, and runs PCS (Pole Championship Series), An Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes.


As a straight-A student at Harvard-Westlake High School, Lindsey had a strong passion for all academic subjects ranging from European Art History and Spanish to Biology and Calculus.  She was a four-year starter for the Varsity Soccer team and a key member of the Varsity Softball and Gymnastics squads.  She was an avid visual artist for six years and studied Spanish for five years.

From 2003-2006, Lindsey attended the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and earned a B.A. degree in Public Health Studies, the number one Public Health program in the world with concentrations in Business and Italian Studies.  She was a four-year starter for the Women’s Varsity soccer team and an ESPN/NCAA Academic All-American.  She spent half a year in Florence, Italy studying Italian Language/Art History and traveled throughout Europe.  She also lived atop the Pyrenees mountains working on a French farm, her single most life-changing experience. 


After graduating college, Lindsey became a Compliance Analyst for Metropolitan West Asset Management (MWAM) a bond management firm in Westwood, California (now TCW).  She then spent a year with the JET Program teaching English to kindergarten, elementary, junior and high school students in Takko-Machi, a rural town of 7,000 people in northern Japan.  She traveled throughout most of Japan in a year.

After returning to Los Angeles in 2008, Lindsey began working with the Marketing and Sales team at ESPN, The Worldwide Leader in Sports, managing advertising campaigns on and mobile (2008-2010).  She also worked in VIP hospitality and PR for X Games (2009-2013).


In 2008, Lindsey began taking pole fitness at BeSpun and loved it!  One year later (2009) she started teaching and in 2011, Lindsey became Marketing Director for X-Pole US, Worldwide Leader in Pole and Aerial Fitness (2011-2014).  In addition to instructing and performing, Lindsey is a Pole Presenter at fitness events such as TheFitExpo and SCW Mania and an ACE/AFAA certified Master Trainer for XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness (2011-present), a top-notch Pole and Aerial Fitness training program that sets the standard for aerial instruction worldwide.  In 2012, Lindsey co-founded and produces PCS (Pole Championship Series) (2012-present) an Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes, with a goal of bringing the excitement and entertainment value of events like X Games to the pole industry.  Since 2014, PCS holds its annual PCS Championship, the Super Bowl of Pole, at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.  The PCS has since expanded to South America, AustraliaSouth Africa, Asia, and Europe


Lindsey began practicing yoga in 2003 to balance rigorous athletic training.  Over the past 15 years, yoga has been that continuous thread harmonizing body, mind and spirit.  Lindsey believes the practice to be healing and transformative on all levels.   She started Bikram with Ted in Studio City and continued with vinyasa and hatha styles at Charm City Baltimore throughout college.  Since then Lindsey has practiced at various studios throughout Los Angeles and in 2013 found home at Hot8Yoga Beverly Hills where she received her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Recognized Teacher Training ('16).  She currently instructs at Hot8Yoga and Crunch Fitness Los Angeles and Burbank specializing in Power, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles. 

Energy Work + Healing + Reading

Lindsey has been interested in metaphysics since youth and received her first Tarot deck in elementary school.  She has strong intuitive abilities, and as a child used to open her imaginary "Psychic Door" for friends and family.

Lindsey conducts crystal and tarot readings in one-on-one sessions and at events.  She uses intuition, crystals and cards to connect with Source receiving and delivering divine guidance and helpful messages for her clients.  Lindsey offers custom intuitive energy healing sessions combining Reiki, crystals, white light, guide work, breath and sound.  These sessions help remove energetic blockages, open energy channels, promote healing, and aid in restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  

Metaphysical Education: Lindsey received her Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master Practitioner Attunements from Aimee Bello at Altared Space and studies with Naha Armady/22 Teachings at House of Intuition (completed series coursework in Developing Intuition, Crystals + Stones, and Tarot).  She also studies under experienced mentors who have practiced healing/energy work for decades.   

Hobbies and Travel

Lindsey is an avid snowboarder and SSI certified scuba diver with experience in Hawaii, British Virgin Islands, Tahiti, and Bali.  She loves adventure and travel and has explored many gorgeous places in the world with an everlasting love for natural beauty and discovery.