Crystal Readings

Lindsey is a professional Crystal Reader who has read for CEOs and celebrities and at events for clients such as Mondrian Hotel, TEVA, Sanuk, Koral, APL, YogaGlo, and Outdoor Voices.  She is a natural seer and healer and uses a unique crystal reading method to deliver messages for the highest selves and greatest good of her clients.  These messages empower individuals to see beyond the surface and move toward their highest potential.  Lindsey offers private 1 on 1 readings via phone when she’s not reading at events.

Power Crystal Reading (virtual)

Receive guidance and healing in this powerful and focused crystal reading.  Opening to Source, we receive top priority messages aligned with your highest self, and we use crystals and crystal energy as tools for insights and healing.  Each reading comes with specific crystal recommendations to support your intentions and wholeness.

  • 15 minutes - $30

  • 30 minutes - $50

  • 45 minutes - $75

  • 60 minutes - $100

Crystal Readings for Your Event (in person)

Interested in having Crystal Readings at your event? Crystal readings are a unique opportunity for your guests to receive both guidance and healing. Crystal + Oracle, Crystal + Tarot, and Tarot Readings are options too. You choose!

  • $150/hour + travel (2 hour minimum)

  • 2 hours - $350

  • 3 hours - $500

What Clients Are Saying

My appointment with Lindsey was excellent. She was incredibly in tune and able to give constructive practical guidance. Her ability to translate information was spot on and she was able to communicate ideas in ways I was able to understand and apply in my life.
— Jordan M.
Lindsey is a special soul. Her whimsical, humble yet confident nature makes for such a fun, nourishing and enriching reading experience. I have seen Lindsey for many modes of intuitive readings; reiki, crystal readings, chart reading, and tarot. Lindsey knows how to share just the right amount of information in a reading—she never leaves you feeling like your fate is set in stone, yet empowers you with enough with detail for you to navigate your path, and the decisions ahead and she helps illuminate the forces at play in your situation.
— Ali B.
I was always curious about tarot, though never got around to taking the plunge until recently. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into my first ever card reading, but I was pleasantly surprised to have had a profound first experience with Lindsey. She spoke about my past and present in ways that strongly resonated with me on topics I didn’t plan to cover or even think to bring up. It was comforting to have what I was intuitively sensing and thinking validated by someone outside my close circle. No fortune telling here, just the right amount of empathy and practical guidance to keep me grounded yet excited about my future. I’m grateful for the experience and do highly recommend Lindsey. Come with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed!
— Michelle M.
Lindsey tapped into exactly what I was needing. Her guidance confirmed a decision I was having a little trouble making, that I so badly needed to make. Her suggestions in such a short session gave me insight on how to cultivate peace within myself. Having been around crystals my whole life, her suggestions were not what I could have come up with on my own. Her suggestions have been so helpful!
— Allie D.
I absolutely loved my crystal reading session with Lindsey. It confirmed a lot of what I have known in my heart for quite some time. She also touched upon certain things that my astrologer has said as well. I highly recommend booking a session with her ASAP. I also started gifting sessions for my friends so that they could experience the wonder that is Lindsey!
— Amanda B.

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