Energy Healing

A healing helps to remove energetic blockages, outdated programs, cords, and attachments and to open energy channels promoting the flow of life force through your body.  This work aids in restoring emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and helps align you with your true nature and highest self.

Energy Healing Session (60 minutes) - $150 virtual

Each session is unique and may include light work, past life recall, Reiki, breathwork, sound vibrations, cord cutting, meditation exercises, and other tools to discover and treat the energetic root cause of an issue moving toward resolution and balance.

Energy Healing Session (75 minutes) - $200 in person

Each session is unique and includes light work, sound, aromatherapy, breath work, and crystals.  Physical sensation may feel like massage or acupuncture.  The energetic experience may be deeply relaxing, stimulating, transformative, clarifying, eye-opening, or ethereal.  

After sessions, many clients report physical, emotional, mental, and energetic relief.