How to Meditate?  There is no right way to meditate.  The ability to meditate in stillness and connect to Source through your higher self develops through opening and clearing blockages in the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies.  The physical practice of yoga asana and breath work or other practices that condition breath to movement such as tai chi, qigong, and weight lifting  are effective methods to open your energetic channels.  In time you will feel your breath body expand.  Naturally you will want to sit and connect.  The process happens organically, but there are practices and guided meditations that can help support your work and journey.

Why Meditate?  In stillness and meditation, we alter our brain states and move into deeper levels of consciousness.  When actively plugging into the One True Source and meditating, insight and divine wisdom pour through us like light moving through a tube.  We are able to connect with Source and receive inspiration, which we can apply in the world - inspiration for new creations, keys to learning lessons, solutions to problems.  In many societies today, the mind is overused and overactive. 

The mind does not know.  The mind thinks.  It processes and organizes information.  The phrase, "let me think about that" should really be "let me meditate on that."  Through meditation we tap into infinite wisdom, which allows us to know and align more closely with our life purpose and to make divinely guided choices through our higher selves allowing for peaceful and fulfilled lives.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations help support a regular meditation practice.  

#1 LNK Basic Meditation is for a new to seasoned meditation practitioner.  Recommended: 2x/day once in the AM and once in the PM or whenever you have 10 minutes.  Assume a comfortable seated position.

#2 LNK Astral Body Meditation is to strengthen your astral body and connection to the one true Source.  Recommended: daily in the morning. Assume a comfortable seated position.

All tones created by fellow sound weaver La Mer ~

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