To Be A Yogi

Listen to Lindsey and Edward on To Be a Yogi podcast:

Edward and Lindsey discuss Bikram and other Hot Yoga, the ancient origins of Pole Fitness, the Pole Championship Series, teaching Yoga and Pole at Crunch Gym and Hot8Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, as well as Reiki and Energy Healing in general.

Also mentioned in this podcast: Arnold Sports Festival, 22 Teachings, House of Intuition

Lindsey and Edward interview Wiz Garber:

BT recites Chapter 2 Verse 19 for the segment TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes, then he and Lindsey Kimura interview Wiz Garber about the traditions of the Lakota People, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, The Forgiveness Ceremony between the 7th Cavalry and the Lakota Sioux Nation, and the Seventy-Seven Stones of the Iya Wasi'chu.