Pole & Aerial

Why Pole? Your first pole spin is magic!  There is something special about dancing around a pole, doing tricks, letting loose, and having fun.  Pole is a full body-workout that builds strength, flexibility and confidence.  Rather than pull ups at the gym, you focus on fun pole tricks.  As a result, tremendous strength is built.  Pole is healing for injuries - natural traction and inversion therapy.  The art empowers you to step into your bold, confident, radiant self!

Inspiration: I have a strong desire to bring pole to more people because I see and know its potential to empower and liberate.

Background: I am a Los Angeles based ACE/AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, XPERT Pole Fitness Master Trainer, teacher, and performer.  I have performed and instructed private/group pole dance classes since 2009 and incorporate elements of strength, flexibility, and coordination from my diverse athletic experiences into pole instruction creating fun, challenging, and balanced pole dance workouts.  I understand the importance of overall health and believe the art and sport of pole fitness to be a one of a kind experience for the mind, body and soul.

Credentials: First pole class ('01), Instructor and Performer since '09, Former Director of Marketing X-POLE US ('11-'14), PCS Co-Founder and President (since '12), XPERT Pole Master Trainer and Pole Fitness Presenter (since '12), Pole at the Arnold Co-Chair (since '14).

Offerings: Available for private lessons, group classes, events, performances, and pole business consulting.  

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