Client Healing Testimonials

Rahi Chun                           Owner, Somatic Sexual Wholeness

Rahi Chun                           Owner, Somatic Sexual Wholeness

The depth of consciousness and clarity of facilitation I experienced with Lindsey was remarkable. She is far beyond her years as a clear vessel and channel for energy, consciousness and healing. Her innate intuitive guidance lifted energies which were stagnant and brought me in touch with a strength of vision and grounding for deepening my soul’s calling. She is a tremendous blessing to anyone ready for deeper revelations of their soul’s journey.
— Rahi Chun
             Casey Layne Yoga

             Casey Layne Yoga

Lindsey is everything you want in an energy worker - grounded, authentic, genuine, magical, and compassionate. Being around Lindsey is effortless, comfortable, and blissful. My session with her was many things - very powerful, fun, enlightening, and opening. Lindsey offered her thoughts afterward, while still giving me room to have my own interpretation of my experience. I will say it again, Lindsey is magical!
— Casey Layne
Adrienne Strauss                             Pro Dancer/Contortionist

Adrienne Strauss                             Pro Dancer/Contortionist

The energy work Lindsey and I did had a profoundly calming effect on my psyche and body. Lindsey’s energy work made me feel so subdued and relaxed. It’s a feeling I hope to channel myself one day. Also during our session I recalled memories from over 20 years ago, memories which have long been forgotten. I think Lindsey’s work brought experiences to the forefront that need my attention, even if it was only to observe. My eyes were very open afterward. I felt at peace.
— Adrienne Strauss
I really enjoyed your YouTube video on connecting with the divine. Stunning meditation at the end. Thank you for doing what you do. You should really record guided meditations for download or do a podcast - would love to have more of that goodness in my life...Really looking forward to more of your awesome videos. Lots of love +*+*+*+*
— Juliet (South Africa)
I listened to your guided meditation for my morning meditation this AM! I LOVED it. I was at the beach post yoga and fell into a deep, relaxed state. I finished with a tingly sensation all over my body and genuinely felt reset! Thank you! Your voice and your OMs were awesome!
— Maggie, artist (Venice Beach, CA)
Thanks so much for thinking about me and inviting me to the sound bath yesterday. I liberated so much anxiety and pain. It actually allowed me to move to a higher state of consciousness within myself and to fight some external forces that need to be organized, to not allow that in a state of concern can come with bad intentions. I am happy because that day I won the battle.
— Anonymous Student (entire family affected by Puerto Rican Natural Disaster)
I spent most of yesterday away from electronics (beyond talking to my mom), I drank lots of water and even had a bath. I went to bed early and this morning I let myself wake up without an alarm - I have no pain anywhere! And my body does not feel heavy and “gross”. You are so amazing and I really appreciate your energy.
— Miranda, artist (Los Feliz, CA)
Yesterday I was reading St. Teresa of Avila’s “Interior Castle” and thinking about how “holiness,” or pure spirituality, manifests in personality - egolessness might be the characteristic marker of holiness, I suspect. In considering the spiritual people I’ve been lucky to know I realized that you manifest egolessness more powerfully than anyone I’ve ever met. You are such a gift & inspiration to this world, in this life.
— Gretchen (Seattle)
After 9 months, 5 doctors, 3 rounds antibiotics, 4 rounds of meds, my infection is HEALED! Just went to the doctor today— no signs of anything! Lindsey, our healing session worked!
— Anonymous Client
You are so beautiful and inspirational, and are like a bright light of pure energy and happiness. You are so creative and talented and impressive and ambitious and versatile.
— Brianna, lawyer (New York)