Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Lindsey - lover of beauty, nature, art, world cultures, creative expression and human connection. I aspire to be myself in every moment.

An early interest in wellness led me to pursue a public health degree, to develop a consistent yoga practice and to explore various ways of evolving the body, mind and soul through study, movement, art, healing and spirituality.

I dove deeper into western-based science at Johns Hopkins and eastern philosophy through yoga. Comfort in and attraction to the spiritual realm since youth led me to explore, study, practice and teach tarot, astrology, metaphysics, energy healing, astral travel, crystals, psychic readings, meditation and more as tools for healing, transformation and evolution.

Skills + Experience

I have professional skills and experience in the following:

reading • healing • teaching (yoga, pole, aerial) • guiding meditation • crystal therapy • crystal education • writing • speaking • podcasting • hosting • performing (pole) • athletics • event production • event organization • talent management • community building • networking • people • client services • entrepreneurship • start ups • marketing • sales • creative direction • business development • food styling • snowboarding • scuba diving • Spanish

Education + Credentials

Here are my formal training and education credentials:


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