My First Business

At age sixteen between sophomore and junior year of high school (2001), I decided to make thousands of dollars.  How to do it quickly and easily?  A neighborhood business using skills I already possessed.  After thinking what kinds of services to offer, I came up with the following:

  • babysitting
  • yard care
  • house cleaning (light)
  • dog walking
  • errand running
  • hand made jewelry, baked goods, stationery
  • academic tutoring
  • personal soccer training
Neighborhood Business Original Flyer

Neighborhood Business Original Flyer

I typed up the above flyer on our bulky home computer and since I could drive, hopped in my Dad's '97 Porsche 928 and had my brother hang out the passenger side window dropping off flyers in every mailbox.  My childhood neighborhood was awesome - in the windy hills walking distance from the Hollywood Reservoir and a hike up to the Hollywood sign.  My younger brother Daniel and I were never bored in our spacious three tiered backyard equipped with trampoline, jungle gym, green, badminton net and massive acacia trees.  

My Childhood Home (Age 2-18)

My Childhood Home (Age 2-18)

The neighbors were equally awesome and creative.  Most were in the film and television industry so when I did receive responses, I had the pleasure of meeting such diverse and interesting individuals.

Other than the horrified feeling of embarrassment after a neighbor pointed out my misspelling of "stationary versus stationery," I received some exciting jobs walking dogs, planting flowers, organizing homes, watching houses, and tutoring middle/high school students.

That summer I made thousands of dollars.  I saved the money for later travels in Europe.

I'm happy to share this story because it highlights a simple way of how one can create something out of nothing.  

Take a moment, determine your talents or simply your abilities, share them, and you will receive business.