Paradigm Shift, Purpose, Celebration of Life

We just shifted and are shifting into the age of Aquarius, but traditional schooling has not fully prepared us for this new era as these institutions are based on the past looking toward an unpredictable future.  I love learning, education, and school and spent much time studying in wonderful private institutions: science, math, history, business, art, English, accounting, athletics, more.

However, we must acknowledge a new form of learning: “schools” that teach self-knowledge and intuition.  Taking information for face value and blind belief do not withstand.

Some of these schools include, yoga studios (uniting body, mind, emotion, soul), aerial studios (flipping your relationship with gravity to gain perspective), nature (return to our roots.  Go outside and you will learn lots), study of invisible knowledge (22 Teachings at House of Intuition - learn how to develop/use your Intuition and much more), and individuals themselves.

Institutions, physical infrastructure, big business, duality - black/white, masculine/feminine, good/bad - and patriarchy, characterized the Age of Pisces.  However, in the age of Aquarius, roles shift/redefine, masculine/feminine qualities blend/harmonize, the divine feminine rises, and individuals reclaim their human power.  We move away from titles that define our occupations based on old institutions, and we move toward new labels or non-labeling. 

Traditional job titles such as CEO, manager, digital analyst, doctor, lawyer, advertising agent, homemaker, etc. are not all-encompassing.  In a sense, simpler more traditional titles such as craftsperson, teacher, healer, entertainer, artist, medicine man/woman are more fitting.  Since many of us are pioneers and road pavers, we need to think of our own titles.  I met someone last year that gave me his business card: title, “Communicator.”

As reincarnates of this time, many of us are here to help usher in the new age, raise consciousness, to connect, and build the bridge between Pisces and Aquarius.  

We all have our unique ways.  My friend Lauren “weaves consciousness in our material world.”  My friend Eileen holds space for people to release the old while nurturing the growth of their gifts and talents.  My mentor Saharah pierces to the core of issues blasting through the emotional body into our soul contracts.  I am a catalyst for change.  I help people define and SEE their current situations with clear lenses.  I spark change and growth by inspiring questioning, curiosity, and disruption of old habits.  What about you?  

I will share an example from today:

This afternoon atop my sunny rooftop, I read my friend Natallia Nemes’ book from start to finish.  Natallia is a beautiful, vibrant, vivacious and remarkable woman who embodies the celebration of life.  In her book, The Sh*t They Should Have Taught You in College, Natallia recounts her own life journey and valuable lessons learned along the way in a humorous, clear, easy-to-read style with fun cartoon illustrations.  

Natallia is 100% real and honest as she covers topics such as family addiction problems, financial struggles, personal eating disorders/addictions, and failed romantic relationships.  She integrates invaluable life lessons from these experiences such as how to celebrate yourself and take even better care when sh*t hits the fan, that the root of charity is compassion and the pure intention of giving, to take vacations, the more we give, the more we get, how to redirect the quality of courage from destructive outlets to creative ones, the value of meditation, yoga, dancing, going upside down and having fun, and the most important lesson: to love ourselves.

The book feels like a personal friend-to-friend conversation and conveys wisdom in an accessible and relatable way.  Thank you, Natallia, for sharing your journey and for inspiring.  You remind me to c’est la vie.  Your presence is forever reinvigorating and a beautiful reminder to celebrate life!  Thank you for sharing openheartedly and for embodying truth.  You create space for others to do the same.

Read Natallia's book on iBooks and Kindle | Connect with her on Facebook, IG, Twitter

More than ever, it is important for us to know and understand our purposes.  Many of us may be operating within an outdated model/institution irking for change but are unsure of how to proceed.  Start with baby steps, follow what feels good and stay away from what does not feel good.  Seeing ourselves for exactly who we are and why we are here, can set us free!