What is Truth?

In the presence of purity, truth is revealed.

Through a clear lens, I see the rainbow in all.

A pure soul is a clear mirror for another. In its presence we see - our ways of being. Work is done from within and mirrors without.

As we continue seeing aspects of self that are patterns, habits, ways of being, we can then choose another route and way of being. From taking new routes, old sheds. The work is constant, always watching and evolving. Clear mirrors - nature and pure souls - help show us.

2020 is a year of clear vision, 20/20. As we continue purifying and SEEing, our vision clarifies. We see from a lens of Himalayan clear quartz. From clear view, we see our colored filters.

Truth is freedom from illusion, knowing universal law, understanding Spirit and humanity. Truth transcends belief systems and teachings. Systems and teachings contain truth and wisdom, however unity with ultimate truth happens within each individual.

Clarity, purity, fractals of light reflect in rainbow harmony, reflections, highlights, shadows, light ~

May purity mirror our truth. From clarity may we reflect and experience all colors of the rainbow!