Creation Consulting™ by LNK

‘Birth your passion!’

I am passionate about nourishing the creative spirit within humans, helping entrepreneurs birth their creations, and assisting small to medium sized businesses in growth and development.

With a healing, reading, and teaching background plus 10+ years experience in client services, marketing, sales, business development, event production, and community building, I have walked in both the spiritual and business realms. I delight in helping people with their creations and offer comprehensive approaches and solutions that connect both the metaphysical and material worlds. I provide loving, nourishing mental and emotional support along with technical, clear, out-of-the-box strategies to help develop and grow brands in the health, wellness, food, fashion, and fitness industries while supporting the entrepreneur behind the creation.

What is Creation Consulting™?

We are in an era of big structural change where models of control through hierarchy no longer serve the greatest good. We are moving away from CEOs and toward Creators, away from ego-driven big business toward elevated, soul-inspired utopias. Hierarchal structure evolves into collective society where leaders switch off. Similar to how the lead bird switches positions to rest in the flying V, human leaders will resemble the same. Collaborations bear collectives and collectives bear hives.

Upcoming leaders will need support through birth, growth, transformation, evolution, and elevation. Creation Consulting™ by LNK is here to help our leaders soar!

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You may view a summary of my work here, and we can discuss past portfolios over the phone.