Guidance for Awakening, Activation and Ascension

Navigating our soul journey alone is not easy.  Upon awakening, our perspective shifts. We begin to see the world through a new, clear lens.  Sights, feelings and senses differ. Our values change.

Though we can fare on our own, a guide is helpful.  Most schools teach us intellectual information and practical skills. However, not much spiritual education exists in the formal setting.  Yet it is from the realm of energy that form initiates. Understanding and mastering self within the invisible world is vital for our quality of life, fulfillment and wholeness.

Coming from many lifetimes of spiritual work, I am grateful for my teachers and guides and for those whom I have been able to help and guide. When the student is ready, the teacher appears and when the teacher is ready, the student appears.  By navigating scenarios together, we gain deeper understanding, insight and clarity into matters and unlock keys for transformation and ascension.  Having a guide can bring new perspective, insight and peace.

When you are ready, ask for a guide and he or she will appear in divine timing.  The nature of growth and development is delicate and the mentor-mentee relationship sacred.

If you feel called to work together, please book a discovery call or contact me via the button below. Thank you!