Energy Healing

Energy Healing Session (90 minutes) - $250 + travel in person

The body naturally heals. We can support the body’s healing by clearing energetic blockages, outdated programs, cords and attachments. When channels and centers are balanced, life force can truly flow. This work aids in restoring mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and helps align you with your soul. Each session is unique and may include light work, sound, aromatherapy, breath work, Reiki, crystals, past life healing, cord work and exercises to discover and treat the energetic root cause of an issue moving toward balance.  Physical sensation may feel like massage or acupuncture.  The energetic experience may be deeply relaxing, ethereal, clarifying, eye-opening, transformative, stimulating, empowering, activating.  After sessions, many clients report physical, emotional, mental and energetic relief.  

available by request

What Clients Are Saying

“The depth of consciousness and clarity of facilitation I experienced with Lindsey was remarkable. She is far beyond her years as a clear vessel and channel for energy, consciousness and healing. Her innate intuitive guidance lifted energies which were stagnant and brought me in touch with a strength of vision and grounding for deepening my soul’s calling. She is a tremendous blessing to anyone ready for deeper revelations of their soul’s journey. ”
— Rahi Chun, Healer, Somatic Sexual Wholeness (Beverly Hills)
“Lindsey is everything you want in an energy worker - grounded, authentic, genuine, magical, and compassionate. Being around Lindsey is effortless, comfortable, and blissful. My session with her was many things - very powerful, fun, enlightening, and opening. Lindsey offered her thoughts afterward, while still giving me room to have my own interpretation of my experience. I will say it again, Lindsey is magical!”
— Casey Layne, Yoga Instructor, Singer (New York)
“The energy work Lindsey and I did had a profoundly calming effect on my psyche and body. Lindsey’s energy work made me feel so subdued and relaxed. It’s a feeling I hope to channel myself one day. Also during our session I recalled memories from over 20 years ago, memories which have long been forgotten. I think Lindsey’s work brought experiences to the forefront that need my attention, even if it was only to observe. My eyes were very open afterward. I felt at peace. ”
— Adrienne, Dancer & Contortionist (Los Angeles, CA)
My parents once told me, there are givers and takers. Lindsey is an unconditional giver. I would not have been able to achieve so many things in my self progress, and in my fight against Lupus, without her. She IS a crucial part of my healing, and a part that I would not have found without her. For those with an open mind and heart, she will provide for you as she has for me.
— Carolyn P.
“I spent most of yesterday away from electronics (beyond talking to my mom), I drank lots of water and even had a bath. I went to bed early and this morning I let myself wake up without an alarm - I have no pain anywhere! And my body does not feel heavy and “gross”. You are so amazing and I really appreciate your energy.”
— Miranda, Visual Artist (Los Feliz)
“After 9 months, 5 doctors, 3 rounds antibiotics, 4 rounds of meds, my infection is HEALED! Just went to the doctor today— no signs of anything! Lindsey, our healing session worked!”
— Anonymous Client
“Yesterday I was reading St. Teresa of Avila’s “Interior Castle” and thinking about how “holiness,” or pure spirituality, manifests in personality - egolessness might be the characteristic marker of holiness, I suspect. In considering the spiritual people I’ve been lucky to know I realized that you manifest egolessness more powerfully than anyone I’ve ever met. You are such a gift & inspiration to this world, in this life.”
— Gretchen (Seattle)
I feel really great today! Yesterday, as the day waned into evening, I began to feel my energies fill up and this incredible feeling of wholeness and authenticity came bubbling up. I have been longing for this sense of wholeness for essentially as long as I can cognitively remember. I had been trying to fill my wholeness and sense of self-worth by relying on external factors and other people to help make me feel whole, but I come to realize as of yesterday that you showed me that wholeness could only come from within ME.

This morning, I could grasp the wholeness of myself and I feel grounded. The looming cloud I had blocking my ears, eyes and thoughts have lifted away. The change inside me is so very noticeable and such a stark difference. I am laying in bed right now and am absorbing the light coming in from the window and I can actually feel the energy re-charging me more!

Lindsey, this feeling of wholeness is so incredible. I feel perfect, whole & complete just as I am. It’s been this lifetime’s desire to feel this way so that I would be able to find and accomplish my universal life’s purpose. I haven’t felt this alive and in tuned with my authentic self in such a very very long time. I can’t recall when I have ever felt like this.

The selenite wand that you gifted me is ABSOLUTE magic and is the most cherished gift I have ever received. I now have a wand! You are magical Lindsay and you’ve filled me up with magic too. I can’t thank you enough for cleansing and moving all the unwanted baggage of ancestral energy out of me. I feel so much lighter. And moreover, the biggest thank you is for filling me back up with liquid gold and for helping me fill my cracks. Wow, whole. What a freeing feeling. I had always felt like the sins of my self-serving and ignorant ancestors had something to do about these burdens I felt looming around me. It had always felt very foreign and beyond my comprehension. I know parts are still there and that I need to be the one to do the work to heal, accept and go back into my roots in order to do so. I now understand what you meant yesterday. I’ve yearned to plant roots for myself in this lifetime. I know I have told every person I have ever been in a relationship with that planting roots was one of my life’s pursuits, and that every time I try, I always ended up having to yank myself back up or felt cut at the feet whenever I was at my most vulnerable. Now I understand why I haven’t been able to plant roots and it makes so such more sense to me now. I feel like my senses are back and that my reality is so much more doable. It’s such a feeling of great relief. Thank you so much, Lindsey for giving my soul the relief it’s been needing.

I am so thankful that we’ve crossed paths in this lifetime and I am ever so grateful that you’ve helped to redirect my path and cleared away my blockage. I know there is still a long journey ahead of me to keep myself accountable and to maintain the work you’ve started in me. I feel unblocked with a sense of that peace in myself where I can finally recognize the face I see in the mirror and and will embrace this. This is the greatest gift ever and I thank you for your friendship and just for showing up for me.
— Jin

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