LNK Co. is my company and has been through three phases of evolution.

Phase I Business Development + Marketing Consulting (‘14-’15): In March ‘14 after six years experience in client services, marketing, and sales for ESPN, X Games, and X-POLE, I went free lance. Starting with what I knew, I offered consulting and marketing services to brands in the health, food, fashion, and fitness industries working with companies such as Crunch Gym, Charlie’s Pride, and Triple Threat Dancewear.

Phase II Healing, Reading, Teaching (‘16-’18): With a lifelong passion for well-being and empowerment, in ‘16 I began sharing my intuitive and wellness practices with business clients.  Adding the services of healing, reading, yoga, meditation, and pole allowed me to work with individuals and groups in addition to companies.

Phase III Tools + Services for Empowerment: I currently offer spiritual and practical tools and services for human empowerment. These include Creation Consulting™, energy healing, crystal readings, crystal concierge, handpicked crystals, crystal workshops, yoga workshops, guided meditation, pole dance, online education, and speaking engagements.

Wellness Communities