How to Meditate?  There are many ways to reach a meditative state. Connection with the divine comes from opening the heart and by clearing blockages in the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies.  The physical practice of yoga asana and breath work and practices that condition breath to movement such as tai chi, qigong, exercise and weight lifting are effective methods for opening channels.  In time your breath body expands.  Naturally you will want to sit and connect.  The process happens organically, and there are practices and guided meditations that can support your journey.

Why Meditate?  Meditation is a state that allows us space to direct our thoughts clearly and powerfully. In stillness and meditation, our brain states alter and move into deeper levels of consciousness.  When plugging in to the Source of creation, insight and divine wisdom pour through us like light moving through a tube.  We are able to connect and receive inspiration, which we can apply in the world - inspiration for new creations, keys to learning lessons, solutions to problems. Through meditation, we tap into infinite wisdom, which allows us to know and align with our divine selves.

If interested in incorporating meditation into your wellness programs, let me know!